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jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Some jokes about the books of Harry Potter

The jokes aren't to be taking Sirius, they are for everyone, not just for a traitor to the blood!

Harry Potter Book

+Books 2 and 3 have such an unnecessary recap.

+Books are better than the movies.

+Ron is hotter in the books, unlike Hermione.

+Draco is uglier in the books, and still a douchebag.

+Harry Potter can't sense horrocruxes, that's nonsense! Did you get it?

+Albus Severus is getting so bullied because his name.

+The books keep making money? After all this time? Always.

+Why George? Why? Why God why?

+The final battle between Voldemort and Harry is the best western showdown ever! So much talking!

+Lavender Brown lives! Still nobody cares.

+Neville killing Nagini is shorter in the books, but more awesome. Head in flames and breaking a Petrificus Totallus from Voldemort himself just by pure sheer will? Badass Neville is badass!

+The books of Harry Potter are basically Avatar: The legend of Naruto.

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