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sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Jokes about the movies of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Movie

+The parts that are boring in the books are still boring in the movies.

+I love the action scenes, like 2 or 3 for movie, wow.

+The movies make you more lazy, who needs to read anyways?

+Lavender Brown dies in the movies, nobody cares. But at least she looks hotter.

+Hermione is prettier in the movies and watch her makes me horny. Only in the last movie, of course, when she is legal to perv.

+Voldemort in the movies is uglier, and kinda gay.

+They needed 2 actors to get Dumbledore right.

+In the movies, Harry doesn't has her mother's eyes, despite what everybody else says.

+I don't know which one, but either Crabble or Goyle  turned black!

+Harry Potter can detect horrocruxes in the movies, what took him so long?

+Who the  hell is Dobby? It's been 5 movies since we saw him!

+Great idea, break the ultimate tool of magical power!

+Harry Potter and the evil child of Star Wars and One Hundred Dalmatians

+The Rosmerta in the movies let me down, Ron's mom is hotter than you man!

+I don't have to cry about Neville's parents.

+They got Expecto Patronum right! And Wingardium Leviosa was so right that it became a MEME!

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