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viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Final fantasy tactics advance thoughts

Best Final Fantasy ever!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

+Just kidding, it is the best game for game boy advance and the best Final Fantasy ever made!

+Marche is not a jerkass, he just want to grow up, be mature, and get into Ritz's pants, all those elf girls were cockbloking his path to real sex!

+Speaking of Ritz, is het pubic hair white too?

mewt final fantasy tactics advance

+Was I the only one who got surprised when this guy turned to be this other guy but cooler? Yes? Just me? Just checking.

Llednar final fantasy tactics advance

+Fucking useless and cute Montblanc!

+Ninja has the best class support and a great speed, and the worst skills ever, but who needs fancy skills when you can spam double sword all the way?

+We need to raise awareness about the dangerous of snowballs fights, people are dying!

+Doned is such a bitch!

+Final fantasy tactics advance is basically Matrix meets Dungeons & Dragons with a little touch of Matilda because, you know, all parents suck a theirs jobs, same as Montblanc!

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