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martes, 8 de diciembre de 2015

Full Metal Alchemist thoughts

My feelings, what are you doing to my feelings!

Full metal alchemist anime

+I like more the first anime, don't kill me!

+They lost their mom and their bodies, is that a metaphor for rape?

+And now the little girl and the dog, what is wrong with this series?

+Scar is like Latino Terminator!

+Now I cry every time that I heard the word "brothers."

+I don't remember his name but he was a father, how do you dare to kill him!

hughes full metal alchemist

+Equivalent exchange my ass, that god is a fucking troll!

+Drink a glass of milk each time that Edward loses his short-temper.

+Are they allowed to say Führer? Oh my god!

+Being German is cool again!

+Best anime soundtrack ever!

+The final battle is good, but not excellent in comparison to previous battles.

+Full Metal Alchemist is basically Hitler Potter and the Philosopher Stone!

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