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domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

Terminator Genisys thoughts

Terminator Geminazis thougths

+Arnold Schumacher looks great!

Terminator Genesis

+Never mind, it was his digitally self.

+The time travel concept is so hard to get, like the most gorgeous girl in high-school, so desirable, so far of my reach.

+The acting is surprisingly good. Yes really, no sarcasm there. Yes, even Arnold Grandpa.

+So many robots, so many fights, so many explosions.

+It could be the perfect movie for man, except because it has so few love scenes. We have feelings too!

+The anti-messiah plot twist isn't subtle, but who needs to be subtle when you watch the best live action anime ever made!

+And what a straight punch to the people that is addicted to the technology. They basically insulted everyone! Go away Hitler, we have a new German to hate, Too racist? Too soon? Too both?

+So Terminator Chimichanga is basically Back to the future meets Ghost in the shell... And then gets high with Michael Explosions Bay!

+Remember kids, drugs aren't as cool as killer robots!

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