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domingo, 27 de agosto de 2017

3 more memes

Am I wasting my time?

So, I use most of my free time writing, and sometime I like to relax from that. So, as any sane person, I make memes to stop my brain from thinking too much.

emma stone meme

The original idea for this was from my girlfriend, but it was more like a dark twist of the movie Crazy Stupid Love. And when I made, it came like more lighthearted, I don't know why everything I touch goes like family friendly immediately.

harry potter naruto meme

When I read that fact about Harry Pottter not making any spell in the first movie, my first thought was the ending of the chapter of Naruto when they were in the Chunnin exams.

koi to uso meme

And this is very easy to explain, the anime that I am enjoying more at the moment is Koi to Uso.

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