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miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017

10 GIFs about Patience

For me, yesterday was one of those days when someone is acting like an asshole and you just have to smile and try to explain them why you should behave like a mother trucker human being.

picard patience
Keep scrolling down fellas. I am just a thumbnail. GIFs are below me, just literally sadly.

So, what I am want right now are some GIFs about patience. Suit yourself.

patience virtue
Patience is a virtue

patience zero
And the best comeback for that

patience grasshopper
For all the Grasshopper in the world

parental patience
Even daddy needs to have patience my dear

asian patience
As someones who looks like an Asian, anything that we say sounds wise regardless

adam sandler patience
When you summon your patience from the Shadow realm

patience wrong
This gave me patience and anger at the same time

patience excuse
Always the same excuse when you lose your patience

patience wimps
Another good excuse
patience useless
When you finally realize that having patience is useless in this beautiful world inhabited by dumb people.

Also, I know that we all hate Kevin Spacey now, but for real, it is just a funny GIF.

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