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miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2017

My return

I am very tired at the moment of writing this.


At first, I thought of translating exactly the entry that I wrote yesterday in Spanish. But I find that task boring, I rather write something new.

Basically I am going to write everyday in my blog again. One day in Spanish, the next in English. For now I am writing this slices of life or whatever, but I am not sure that I am going to keep that.

I had done so many things today. Recording videos, writing two thesis, studying to become a producer of multimedia or whatever. Reading taro cards. Making chores for my grandma. Having patience with everyone including me. Fighting a cold.

If you have some idea of something that you will like to read, go ahead and leave a comment.

One of the reasons for activating my blog again is to give promotion to my book/app The Hunter. By the way, give a 5 stars rate to my book/game The Hunter and a positive review and you can participate in the raffle of 5 keys to get full access to the 36 endings:

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