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lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017

Just wait for me

Her last words were "Just wait for me."

evil eyes

She said that with a lot of exhalation and gasp, so it was more painful to heard it. It sounded like: Just... Wait... For... Me...

And I must say that I got obsessed with that.

I had no idea what she was talking about. And I couldn't rule it as nonsense. There was so much intent in her eyes, and she was looking straight to me, directly in my eyes. I felt that her eyes were watching me from beyond of the veil of death, and that her message was a prophecy for the living.

Sorry, I thought that I had already explained that. It must be the medicine, it makes me forgetful.

It was my mother the one who said those words, in her deathbed. I was her only son.

Anyways, I got obsessed. I studied a lot about last words and what I found was that most of them were plain silly. Only in fiction were important the words of those in the verge of death.

Yes, I recognize that I visited a lot of mediums. Yes, I also accept that most of them were a fraud. But there was this one man. He was weird, because he dressed so normally. He used glasses and he didn't charged me a ton. He said that I could pay him whatever I want to after we were done.

He did a reading of Tarot for me and said that the meaning of the words were simple. That in this life I will get the chance to meet my dear mother again.

I paid him a buck and then forgot about him. I thought that he was like the rest, a fake. I was so wrong about him. And now I am too terrified to ask for his help again.

After some time I moved on from my obsession and started to behave normally.

One day I meet this gorgeous girl and we fell madly in love. Everything was rushed, like we were high in happiness or something like that. We got married and she got pregnant almost immediately.

Now I know that a force bigger than love was pushing our feelings.

Do you ask what I meant? Isn't it obvious Doctor? Haven't you see the eyes of my little daughter?

I am sorry, but you must tell my wife that I can't hold my daughter, I can't even stand to see her.

Those eyes are waiting for me.


A word from the author

Just a short horror story about obsession, or coming back from the death. Whatever scares you the more.

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