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lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2017

A song to hear a million times

I had been hearing a lot the song Show Me What I'm Looking For from Carolina Liar.

thumbnail show me what i am looking for

I was introduced to this song by my girlfriend Melathana. I am not sure how she found it, she is always sending me this weird songs which I find odd at first and, eventually, I really like.

By the way, she said that the face of the singer it is strong evidence that he really needs helps. And I know that it could be an inappropriate comment, but I found it hilarious.

It seems that there is no consensus about what the song is about. Some people said that it is about being religious, others said the opposite. Others find the song about a girl and others about a boy.

I feel a lot of emotions with this song. As someone who was raised as catholic, and that had a big faith crisis, this song tickles my spiritual being. In the present I consider myself someone who believes in God, but not in a single religion. As long as you are a good person, not matter your religion or lack of it, I am cool with you.

Personally I believe in God because too many things had happened to me and I couldn't deny the existence of God in my life. I guess that I still consider myself a catholic because I was raised in that way, but I really hate when any religion justifies discrimination and intolerance, so that's my limit.

Back to the song. Show Me What I'm Looking For reminds me of those bad times when I messed up and I don't really know what to do or how be better. When my depression is kicking me in the guts, and yet I strive to have hope, this song describes exactly how I feel on those moments.

What do you feel with this song?

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